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Private School Admission Tests Including SSAT Preparation

"The Best Test Results in Toronto"

Forest Hill Tutoring provides an inviting and elegant atmosphere in the heart of the Forest Hill Village. Our entry and SSAT programs help students develop the skills and strategies that lead to outstanding test results and subsequent entry into the finest private schools in Canada. Our scores are the highest in Toronto and, at times, in North America. Forest Hill Tutoring is recommended by principals, teachers, parents and students.

Our highly qualified instructors have teaching, master's and doctorate degrees. Students typically receive instruction once a week for two hours and are given a binder of materials covering mathematics, reading comprehension, verbal analogies, vocabulary, and creative and persuasive writing. Students work closely with their tutors developing effective test strategies and completing many practice exams. Each program is tailored to meet the student's individual needs and can be adjusted accordingly.

Questions Parents Ask:

1. How long does it take to prepare a student for the entry or SSAT tests?

The time commitment varies, depending on the personal goals and academic ability of each student. Generally, students prepare for two or more hours per week, starting in August or September, and then take the test in December or January. We have some diligent students who begin in the spring. We also provide an intensive preparation for "last minute" candidates.

2. Do the students have the same tutor for every session?

If the student comes at a regular time, he or she will have the same tutor.

3. Do the students have a regular schedule?

Most students prefer to come at a regular time each week. However, we are very flexible and can accommodate students with irregular schedules.

4. How much homework is the student given?

The amount of homework varies, depending on the student's other academic and extracurricular commitments. Typically, a highly-motivated student completes 5-7 hours of homework per week.

5. Where does the tutoring take place and what are your hours of operation?

All tutoring is done on our premises, located at 439 Spadina Road, Suite 303, in the Forest Hill Village. We are a short, five-minute walk from both the St. Clair Avenue West subway station (Heath street exit) and the 512 St. Clair Avenue West streetcar stop. We are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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6. Is there parking?

There is a parking along Spadina Road, and a parking lot north of the building on Thelma Avenue.

7. Is there a cancellation policy?

There is an 8-hour cancellation policy.

8. When can I book an appointment for the entry or SSAT tutoring?

An appointment can be arranged right away by telephone or email on any day of the week. We have tutors available every day.

9. What are your recent SSAT results?

Our top students' marks are as follows:

Gabriel 99% Alex 98% Ester 97%
Zifang 99% Christian 98% Emily 97%
David 99% Brian 98% Katherine 97%
Garo 99% Jordan 98% Tristan 97%
Devon 99% Jovanna 98% Atticus 97%
Katie 99% Jeffrey 97% Matthew 94%
Oliver 98% Stuart 97%

10. Do you provide other services?

At Forest Hill Tutoring, we tutor students in most subjects from JK to University levels. At Forest Hill Academy, we offer one-on-one high school credit courses throughout the year.