Interview Prep – Forest Hill

For those applying to private school, the interview affords school officials the chance to personally meet with applicants and determine their suitability for admission. The interview component should be carefully considered, as it can be a key factor in the admissions process at the most selective schools. While most schools conduct in-person, on-premises interviews, some schools are shifting to an online format.  Our tutors regularly assist students in preparing for interviews conducted in both formats. Together, they work closely in refining responses to the most commonly asked questions and in developing strategies to defuse the anxiety that so often affects children in these situations.


We also have extensive experience supporting older students applying to post-secondary school and graduate degree programs.  Many of the most competitive university and college programs are increasingly relying on online interviews to replace or supplement the traditional written essays students submit as part of their application packages.  As with younger children applying to private school, these students often need assistance in highlighting the unique qualities and achievements that distinguish them from their peers.  Our tutors are experienced in providing this type of support and in developing skills for effective oral presentation.