Students at Forest Hill Tutoring consistently achieve exemplary results on their assessments. In fact, we are proud to note that over 95% of FHT students in the most recent application cycles received offers of admission to the private schools of their choice. 

These private schools included Upper Canada College, The Bishop Strachan School, Crescent School, Havergal College, St. Michael’s College School, Branksome Hall, Royal St. George’s College, University of Toronto Schools, De La Salle College, The York School, and Greenwood College School, among others.

With over thirty years of experience preparing students of all ages for admission to private schools in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, we understand that the process can seem daunting. We specialize in helping parents and students navigate this process and in preparing applicants for successful entry into their schools of choice.


Most private schools have customized their admissions process by developing their own in-house designed assessments. While these tests may utilize a different format, they all typically evaluate grade-relevant skills in critical numeracy and reading comprehension, vocabulary and language conventions, and reflective, creative, and persuasive writing. A few private schools use the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) as their primary assessment tool. 

Our services are multifaceted and include assistance with entrance assessment tests, interview preparation, and personal statements. Our entrance assessment prep programs are tailored to support students of all ages applying to private school for entry years ranging from Junior Kindergarten up to Grade 9.


We offer two kinds of assessment prep programs: the SuperPrep Plus, our standard and most popular program, and the SuperPrep, an abbreviated version of our standard program designed for students with only limited time to prepare for their assessments. In addition, we also deliver specially designed programs for students who may be writing the Upper or Middle Level SSAT.


Each program incorporates multiple one-on-one tutoring sessions supporting the individual needs of each student, along with an entry year-specific package of preparation materials designed to reflect the format, rigour, and types of questions that will appear on the student’s assessment test.

Included in each package are several hours of tutoring support to specifically prepare students for their oral interviews. Please visit the “Interview Prep” section for more information on this service. Our tutors are particularly sensitive to the reality of test and interview anxiety and are careful to build a rapport with their students that bolsters confidence and empowers learning.

We also offer individualized support in preparing the applicant and parent essays often required as part of the overall application package. Please visit the “Application Assistance” section for more information on these particular services.