Back to School K-8 Math & English “Reboots” – Forest Hill

While those long summer days provide much-needed opportunity for fun and relaxation, they can also leave students ill-prepared for the rigors of a new school year. Indeed, as September approaches, many students find that they have “forgotten” key concepts and are less confident in applying their academic skills.  Our Back to School K-8 Math and English Reboot programs are especially designed to address these learning challenges and ensure that each student begins the school year primed for success.

We offer Reboot programs from Kindergarten up to Grade 8, with each program focusing on either math or language skills. All reboot programs involve a comprehensive review of the previous year’s curriculum, with a special focus on addressing any “trouble spots” that may hinder success in the coming year. Our tutors are especially trained to reach back as much as they reach ahead: They work with each student in consolidating past and existing knowledge, remediating skill deficits, and extending the learning in anticipation of the coming year. Many students even use some of their reboot time to get a head start on next year’s curriculum!

All Back to School Reboots include 25 hours of one-on-one tutoring that can be scheduled at your convenience anytime during the months of July and August. As well, each student, at the conclusion of his or her Back to School Reboot program, will receive a summative learning plan that identifies areas for improvement and makes strategic recommendations for future learning.