Readers Book Club – Forest Hill

The Readers Book Club is an excellent opportunity for students to become more enthusiastic and critically engaged readers. Over the course of the program, students read a selection of literary works, including short fiction and at least one full-length novel. In collaboration with their peers and with the support of a tutor, students refine their skills in analyzing the style, tone, and structure of the works under study. In addition, they engage with the various elements of literature, including setting, characterization, theme, and language. Students ultimately become more confident in their ability to “unpack” the big ideas presented in a text and to engage in detailed analyses of key passages.

As with the Writers Workshop, the Readers Book Club is offered at three levels—Junior, Intermediate, and Senior—tailored for students in Grades 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12, respectively.

Book Clubs are scheduled during the months and July and August. Each club runs over the course of four weeks and includes 16 hours of instruction in small classes of no more than three students. Please call for more information on exact scheduling availability.